12 Native Wears Every Naija Woman Must Have-2017 Latest


I have discovered that some people do not know ‘jack’ about fabrics and their native wear wardrobe is as good as non- existing.

They wear blazers, suits, shirts, corporate dresses and pants to work during the week, tank tops and jeans on weekends. I am not just talking about people living abroad, but there are people like that in Naija too.

Their first native wear might be their traditional outfit on their traditional wedding day or a very close family member’s Aso-ebi. Some people have never even tied gele on their head before *lol*

And I think it is necessary to infuse our roots/heritage into our closets as African prints and African fabrics are taking over the contemporary fashion world.

That’s why I have compiled a small list of staples I think every African woman should have in their closets for that traditional look to work on Fridays or to worship service on Sunday as well as any event that you didn’t get their Aso-ebi but still want to rock and slay them elegantly.

black gele

white lace

Ankara top

midi skirt




ankara dress

aso oke

skirt and blouse


2017-20 Ankara Skirt and Blouse Styles You Should Try it?

Latest Ankara Skirt And Blouse Styles In Nigeria 2017

Having a beautiful Ankara fabric is quite different from making the best Ankara style from it. When it comes to Ankara designs, Nigerian women are very choosey and are often lost on which style they actually want their fashion designer to make. Not to worry, we’ve made your decision easier when choosing your Ankara style.

Here are some carefully selected Ankara skirt and blouse styles that will inspire you with ease;

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Ankara Gown Styles for Nigerian Ladies (Pictures)-2017

Ask many Nigerian ladies; Ankara gowns gives a gorgeous look that makes people set eyes on you. Wearing these styles would not only give an elegant look but will add some confidence in you while in public, thus, making you have a full control of your gait.

Whether you are at work, at party, or just chilling out enjoying with your friends, it is very easy to achieve your desired outstanding look with Ankara gowns. They are just too superfluous as they miraculously complement your beauty to an extent you can’t imagine.

It is always not an exaggeration to say Ankara gowns are super gorgeous when you step out wearing them. They look cute on both slim and fat ladies choosing whether a gown should be long or short is a matter of choice, but too short gowns can appear indecent. When going for a long gown it is advisable not to make it tight fitting to allow free and ease of movement. Slim long gown/skirt would have a wide open mouth styled to cater for ease of movement. Most time, people love long gowns because of the simplicity and ease of not wearing splitted dress.

The first step to looking good starts when buying the cloth/fabric. Make sure you buy a fabric that will match your intended style. Beware, most Ankara sellers in market will want to stylishly convince you to buy the one they have. Choose only what will be good for you and the intended purpose.

Here are jaw-dropping pictures of latest Ankara gowns styles. You have enough to check in deciding which to go for. We advise you to get a nice Tailor who you are so sure of his professionalism that will sew your chosen style to perfection.

Going for Ankara gown is never a mistake.

Pictures of Latest Ankara Gown Styles

Ankara gown1Ankara gown2Ankara gown3Ankara gown4

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These 15 Photos Of Nigerian Mums At Weddings Will Make You Ecstatic.

These 15 Photos Of Nigerian Mums At Weddings Will Make You Ecstatic

Nigerian Mums know how to Turn up at parties especially if Its their children’s wedding

We know how they’re so giggly when they hear weddings and even more importantly when it’s their child’s wedding.

Here are 15 pictures of Nigerian moms at their children’s weddings that will make you estatic;

#1. This one of a loving mother and a daughter.

Image: Bella Naija

#2. And this one of a mother who’s dancing and getting sprayed. It’s her party too.

Image: National Geographic

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4 Quick And Easy DIY Head Wrap Styles.

4 Quick And Easy DIY Head Wrap Styles

Head wraps compliments a stylish look and brings out the gorgeousness of your outfit

Head wraps also know as scarf, are used by women for different purposes; to cover a short hear, as part of an outfit or just as a tradition. In any of the categories you fall into, you’re sure to find a suitable head wrap style to match your outfit. The good thing about head wraps is that, you can make one with any type of fabric. However, the most common of all is the Ankara head wrap which very popular because of the beauty and flair of the Ankara fabric. Some years back, Nigerian women and African women alike are usually seen wearing head wraps matching the main dress as many hardly wear wigs or luxury hair then.

Nowadays ladies would love their pairs to see how much they spent on their hair or how much their imported artificial hair cost, thus; not giving any room for head wraps. Other ladies don’t wear head wraps simply because they don’t know how to tie one.

Ankara Head wrap styles

These days ladies are now embracing head wraps especially with the versatility of the Ankara fabric.

One major issue ladies face with their head wraps is the lack of ideas on the style to try which will suit their outfit and how to actually make a perfect one. As easy as it my sound to tie and head wrap, many pay reasonable amount to makeup artist to get their head wrap tie for them just in case of traditional head gears. It can take up to 5 mins or 30 mins  depending on what style you’re trying to make.

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We’ve made things easy for you ladies, we have some beautiful Ankara head wraps carefully crafted by professionals. This Ankara DIY head wrap tutorials are easy to make just by following the step by step instructions

Here are 4 DIY head wrap styles Tutorials:

#1. Tutor: Tifa Glamour

#2. Tutor: Kilahmazing

#3. Tutor: Primrose Panglea


#4. Tutor: Sonia Munero


Via: Sonia Muneri

20 Aso Ebi Styles Inspired By Ankara Fabric.

20 Aso Ebi Styles Inspired By Ankara Fabric

Every fashionable lady would love to be seen in the lastest Aso Ebi Styles.

When it comes to turning up at parties and events, Nigerian women are second to none. Be it home or abroad, you can easily differentiate happening naija babes with the type of outfit they put on especially if the dress is made with the ever versatile Ankara fabric. It’s safe to say Ankara fabric is the life of a Nigerian party.

The creativity of Nigerian fashion designers brings hundreds of Ankara styles to life. However, with every lady wanting a unique style, the task of the designers becomes more difficult to in ensuring their client standout. As  a popular writer once said “Ideas rule the world”, their is always something new to try.

Gone are the days where Aso Ebi styles are made with expensive fabrics that an average lady can’t afford. Nigerian women are seen in Aso Ebi dress made with Ankara fabric these days. You will definitely visiy your tailor after seeing this beautiful Ankara Aso Ebi styles

Here 20 Aso Ebi styles made with Ankara fabrics:


Ankara aso ebi styles


Ankara aso ebi styles


Ankara aso ebi styles

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Twinning! You’ve Got To Love This Father and Sons Aso-Ebi Styles.

Don’t they just look the picture of perfection?

Kcee’s brother E-money is someone that wholeheartedly loves fashion. For this father-sons twinning, the dad and his cute munchkins all rock white traditional outfits.



collection of Mishono Ya Vitambaa 2017.

We have an collection of Mishono Ya Vitambaa in various styles. > is some inspiring pictures about Mishono Ya Vitambaa. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Mishono Ya Vitambaa interesting

Easter Special: Uber-Stylish and Timeless 50+ Aso-Ebi Styles.

Happy Easter!

We have put together our choice of wedding glam inspired . people who fascinate and excite us based on style, fashion, uniqueness and ingenuity.

You have to strut the event looking all sophisticated, classy and chic with your head up high giving other guests several reasons to turn heads.

are stunning styles to give you that inspiration!

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20 Amazing Fashion Styles With Dashiki Fabric.

20 Amazing Fashion Styles With Dashiki Fabric

After ankara, the dashiki fabric is probably the most popular fabric in Africa. What’s great about this material is the versatility. There are so many options to be explored with the fabric and designers are doing so many amazing things with it. Check out these amazing things you can do with the Dashiki fabric.

1.  A cute peplum top with trousers

20 Amazing Fashion Styles With Dashiki Fabric

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