JOHNNY BLIZZY FASHION  has been into the Nigerian fashion and modeling industry for some years now. Its registered with the corporate affairs commission. Its growth started from the conviction of working smarter and taking strategic steps….. We do everything advertising and provide fashion and modeling services to advertising agencies and individual clients.JOHNNY BLIZZY FASHION is a FASHION management agency, we have smart & beautiful kids from one year to fifteen.


To raise and make super models who would be icons and role models, to grow upcoming models and make them established professional models, to raise the bar of modeling in Nigeria and Africa. To have the best of the best models in Nigeria and be a brand that every model would want to associate with.


Is to make your dreams come true!

Our Work:

We always create a loving atmosphere of working peacefully with all our models and even sponsor some of our models. We understand the life and challenges of a model and try as much as we can to make life easier and work on getting direct jobs from agencies. Everything about life is a fight but when you know what you have and an unending zeal for success, the result will always be awesome. And in an industry like this where people are much and jobs are few and pay is even too low, one has to be careful and seek ways of being ahead of competitors. This is how JOHNNY BLIZZY FASHION operates…NO MODEL  JOINS WITHOUT BECOMING A BETTER PERSON IN THE END!!