These 15 Photos Of Nigerian Mums At Weddings Will Make You Ecstatic

Nigerian Mums know how to Turn up at parties especially if Its their children’s wedding

We know how they’re so giggly when they hear weddings and even more importantly when it’s their child’s wedding.

Here are 15 pictures of Nigerian moms at their children’s weddings that will make you estatic;

#1. This one of a loving mother and a daughter.

Image: Bella Naija

#2. And this one of a mother who’s dancing and getting sprayed. It’s her party too.

Image: National Geographic

#3. And this daughter who wants to give mummy one kiss.

Image: BellaNaija

#4. You can tell her mother is so happy.

Image: AfriCanadian Weddings

#5. And not to forget, these two henna twinning and slaying.

Image: Wed Daily

#6. And this mother who is preparing her daughter to meet her husband.

Image: Madivas

#7. Aww, and this mother who couldn’t hold her tear ducts. 

Image: KeteKete

#8. And these two wrapped up in each other’s arms. 

Image: Bella Naija

#9. They could easily pass for sisters, to be honest.

Image: Bella Naija

#10. Look at this adorable mother with her gang in matching asoebi

Image: Bella Naija

#11. So You Think You Can Dance: Mother’s Edition.

Image: Bella Naija

#12. I need a one dance.

Image: Bella Naija

#13. Let’s pay attention to this mother schooling her son at his wedding. 

Image: Jide Odukoya

#14. Their facial expressions speak volumes.

Image: Jide Odukoya

#15. After everything, look where we are, son. 

Image: Jide Odukoya


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