Immaculate Immaculate Patience Edache is one gorgeous woman!  With her big voice and her bubbly personality, she is such an infectious person. You start talking to her and it feels like you’re old friends. One of the things that drew me to this woman is her style! She is a curvy woman that knows what to wear and how to wear it. We generally just wanted to pick her brain and find out her take on life, music and of course, fashion! Here’s what we found: Immaculate Patience Edache was born on the 31st of October. She hails from Benue State and was born in Lagos. From an early age, Immaculate always knew that music was what she wanted to do. She told us; ”Music gives me life. It’s always been what I wanted to do and basically, it is Joy for me”. She came into the limelight in 2013, after emerging as the First runner up on MTN Project Fame West Africa, Season 6. For the curvy women out there, Immaculate is an inspiration. She always looks very nice and put together and she says; ”I always try to dress appropriately for my curves. I’m a simple person so whatever I wear, I try not to do ‘too much”.

We asked her 5 Style Items that she’s absolutely loving right now and this was her list; 1. Kimono’s: ”I love my kimonos. They are definitely one of my favourite Style items right now”. 2. Men’s Wrist Watches: ”Not only do I love male watches, I also have this weird thing with wearing them on my right wrist, instead of my left”. 3. Shoes: ”I am a complete shoe addict. I wear everything from sneakers, to heels to sandals but they are definitely something I pay great attention to”. 4. Vintage!: ”I am a vintage lover. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m really into Vintage clothes”. 5. Denim: ”I love denim because its quick and easy. Definitely an all time favorite of mine”. This year, Immaculate says that she has a lot of things planned. She already started the year with a great new song called; ‘Love Affair’ and the feedback has been great. She says 2017 is the year that she; becomes more consistent, makes healthier decisions, diversifies her music and generally just does her thing. Sounds like its going to be a great year for her and we can’t wait!


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