wrinkles on the face
No one wants to have wrinkles on the face at young ages. A young and youthful look gives individual’s confidence all the time. Most people go for anti-aging creams. While the creams work well for most users, exercise could have similar effects. Introduction The facial muscles need exercising like the other body parts. The exercise works as well as on the…

Foundation – Make Up That Lasts

Years ago, foundation was used specifically to alter the color of the skin, re: ‘rosy glow’. But the trend of the last few years has taken us from what intentionally changed the wearer’s natural coloring to products that match the tones perfectly Dress shabbily, they notice the dress. Dress impeccably, they notice you – Coco Chanel When you walk into a…

Amazing Beauty Tips Essential for this Festive Season Fashion Blog

Beauty Tips
Overview Beauty tips need style about what is trending this is a way of preventing being outdated. During this festive season, most individuals take it as the best time to meet with their childhood friends and family members. Considering you last met the previous festive season you would like to look great and different from this one. It is the…

All You Need to Know About The Best Moisturizers For Your Skin

MOISTURIZERS Moisturizers act as a protective barrier between your skin and the environment. Although your skin manufactures its own oils, it is usually removed during the process of cleansing. It is therefore necessary to replenish these natural oils. A basic moisturizer should contain water and other ingredients that attract and trap moisture onto the skin. It should also contain emollients…

Best facial cleansers for a healthy looking skin

Today’s men and women have the choice of several different brands and types of cleansers. To simplify matters, we at Fashion Online Nigeria group facial cleansers into two basic categories: “tissue-off” cleansers and “rinse-off” cleansers. • Tissue-off cleansers which are normally referred to as “cream” or “milk” cleansers have a high oil content. It is these oils, which combine with…


Beauty begins with the proper caring of the skin. Clear, healthy skin is the perfect canvas for makeup. Over the years the demand for new products has given rise to much hype in the skin care industry. However, most of the claims made have been largely speculative with very few proven in clinical tests. At Fashion Online it has always…

How to make Dreadlocks, A Do It yourself guide

The Reggae legend Bob Marley is widely considered as the celebrity who brought this hairstyle to the limelight even many years after his death. He brought them into the pop culture spot light in the 1970’s but dreads actually do back to the 15th century. Nollywood’s finest actress Dakore Akande is one woman who knows how to rock the dreads…

HEEL FISSURE …. A home remedy

Heel fissure also known as cracked heels is a skin condition around the edge of the heels not particular with a certain age. This can reduce one’s self esteem because it will leave you feeling conscious of your feet all the time. One funny misconception some people have is that those who have crack on their…

OFFICE MAKEUP: looking fab under stress

I know what you are thinking, oh no its another Monday uurrrgghj Don’t worry, I will help you out a little here so you wont have to stress yourself much especially in terms of you know what! MAKEUP! it is the beginning of a new week, we’ve all had a wonderful weekend away from work and your boss is probably not…

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