boyfriend shoes

A woman’s desire to think like a man can be addictive, it has caused her to love things naturally worn my men. The boyfriend shoes makes her edgy, adding a tone of sophistication to her feminine silhouette.

The boyfriend shoe is characterized by a low to almost non-existent heel, round toes and stiff detailing. These shoes can range from ankle boots and combat boots, to tods-look-alikes and oxford style shoes.

The boyfriend shoe goes smoothly with the boyfriend jeans producing a very cool and stylish look.

So, how to wear boyfriend shoes? The simple answer is anything. Mixing them with a dress blurs the lines between gender roles . Wearing them with skinny cut-offs has been sported on Taylor Swift and Miranda Kerr.

When and where you can wear boyfriend shoes all depends on the fabric and color. You’re probably not going to wear gold sequined oxfords in a professional setting, and you are probably not going to wear white canvas boyfriend shoes to a club. Brown and black boyfriend shoes are good colors for your first pair, especially if you are a practical buyer and like to have items that can use all the time.

Now here are some stylish inspirations for rocking the boy friend shoe




Some excerpts in this post were taken from Beatrice Verhoeven’s Fall Trend: Your Boyfriend’s Shoes.





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