Bridesmaids dresses come in various shapes and styles. In American movie 27 dresses, Katherine Heigl was a bridesmaids 27 times which meant she wore 27 dresses. Some of the dresses she wore were flattering, some in between, while others were extremely ugly and unflattering. The bride made sure her bridesmaids did do not outshine her on the wedding day. How tactful? … lol  We bring to you Tomi Tomes on Instagram spotted wearing bridal dresses for various real life weddings all made by Nigerian bridal wear designer Peridot. Bridesmaids dresses are chosen based on body shape, size and bride’s preference. Many brides forget that one size does not fit all for all for their bridal party. However, it seems like Tomi’s body shape meant all the dresses she wore fitted her like a glove.  What do you think about the three bridesmaids dresses below, Which is your favourite?

bridesmaid dresses


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